Мастера слова

Известные люди — журналисты, корреспонденты, работники радиостанций, писатели, поэты, — родившиеся, жившие или живущие и ныне в Гамильтоне.

Журналистика и литература:
  • Roy Adams (1940-), prominent Canadian author, newspaper columnist, human rights activist and academic.
  • Gordon Stewart Anderson (1958-1991), author of novel »The Toronto You Are Leaving» was published by his mother 15 years after his death.
  • Dick Beddoes (1925–1991), former sports journalist for CHCH-TV in Hamilton, the Vancouver Sun, the Toronto Globe & Mail, CFRB radio (Toronto) and book author.
  • Stephen Brunt (1953-), the lead sports columnist for The Globe and Mail since 1989.
  • John H. Bryden (1943- ), politician, journalist, historian.
  • Richard Butler (1834–1925), editor, publisher, journalist. Butler neighbourhood in Hamilton named after him.
  • Trevor Cole (1960-), newspaper and magazine columnist and more recently a novelist.
  • Hugh Cook (1942- ), novelist.
  • Damien Cox (1961-), sports columnist for the Toronto Star.
  • Sylvia Fraser (1935- ), novelist and travel writer.
  • Jason Jones (1967-), senior correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
  • Robert Kirkland Kernighan (1854–1926), poet, journalist. Kernighan neighbourhood on Hamilton Mountain named after him.
  • Gary Lautens (1928–1992), was a humorist and newspaper columnist. He wrote for the Toronto Star from 1962 until his death.
  • Billie Livingston (1965- ), novelist and poet.
  • David Macfarlane (1952- ), journalist, playwright and novelist.
  • Steve Paikin (1960- ), Journalist, film producer and author, best known for hosting TV Ontario’s newsmagazines Studio 2 and Diplomatic Immunity.
  • Melville Marks (Bobby) Robinson (1888- 1974), founder of the Commonwealth Games and was a sports reporter for the Hamilton Spectator.M.M. Robinson High School (Burlington)was named in his honour.
  • Doug Saunders (1967- ), well-known Canadian journalist, European Bureau Chief for the Globe and Mail.
  • James Travers (1948-2011), was a Canadian journalist, best known as an editor and political correspondent for the Toronto Star.
  • Clementina Trenholme (1844–1918), Clementina (Fessenden) Trenholme, author, social organizer. Also, mother of Reginald Fessenden, the radio pioneer. Had two neighbourhoods on the Hamilton Mountain named after her, Trenholme and Fessenden neighbourhoods.
  • David Vienneau (1951–2004), was a journalist, moved to television in April 1998 as Ottawa bureau chief at for Global Television, where he remained until his death from pancreatic cancer on December 1, 2004.
  • Richard Alway, former radio broadcast commentator and is the current and first lay President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of St. Michael’s College.
  • Bob Bratina, radio personality. Elected City Councillor for Downtown Ward 2. Currently Mayor of the City of Hamilton
  • Mike Cooper, radio personality, with Erin Davis hosting the 98.1 CHFI-FM morning show.
  • Doug Farraway (1951- ), On-air radio personality at the Fan 590 Toronto. (formerly of CKOC radio in Hamilton).
  • Roy Green, a staple of the Hamilton radio scene.
  • Paul Hanover, Morning radio host on CHML from 1945 to 1982 whose popularity made him Hamilton’s best known media personality and earned him the honourary title of «Mayor of the Morning».
  • Sue Prestedge, is a sports broadcaster, who was one of Canada’s first and most influential female sports journalists.
  • Bill Sturrup (1938–2007), Local Hamilton radio and sports icon.
  • Barry Taylor, On-air DJ for The Edge102 Toronto.

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